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idea-1-15.09.17 (2).tiffMember 1b3cdeb1.18Mb15th Nov 2017
Poster.PNGMember 1b3cdeb275.54Kb15th Nov 2017
Poster image.PNGMember 1b3cdeb245.44Kb19th Sep 2017
Poster image.PNGMember 1b3cdeb245.44Kb19th Sep 2017
CAMPUS continuity 161025.docxDavid Williams114.51Kb25th Oct 2016
Haynes poster 161024.pdfDavid Williams324.61Kb24th Oct 2016
John Naughton talk photo.jpegMember 1e61f2d20.83Kb27th Oct 2015
CAMPUS continuity 150924.docDavid Williams52Kb30th Sep 2015
Naughton poster 150925.pdfDavid Williams284.22Kb29th Sep 2015
Longden poster 150522.pdfDavid Williams273.61Kb23rd May 2015
Inspired by Alice Poster 2.pdfDavid Williams150.76Kb23rd May 2015
Longden poster 150522.pdfDavid Williams273.61Kb23rd May 2015
Mullan poster 152704.pdfDavid Williams311.38Kb27th Apr 2015
Inspired by Alice Poster.pdfDavid Williams140.03Kb23rd Apr 2015
Private Lives of Print poster 150224.pdfDavid Williams518.49Kb2nd Mar 2015
logo.jpgDavid Williams11.8Kb14th Feb 2015
Sprekeler poster 150214.pdfDavid Williams358.3Kb14th Feb 2015
St John's old-library interior.jpgDavid Williams26.91Kb30th Nov 2014
Woodhead poster 141107.pdfDavid Williams191.46Kb10th Nov 2014
Sutton poster 140113.pdfDavid Williams357.65Kb20th Jan 2014
Stamp.jpgRebecca Wojturska51.01Kb17th Nov 2013
Engraving 1.jpgRebecca Wojturska184.45Kb17th Nov 2013
Book 1.jpegRebecca Wojturska307.06Kb17th Nov 2013
Brian Webb_Books with Stories.pdfDavid Williams951.58Kb30th Oct 2013
Heffers.jpgRebecca Wojturska53.39Kb3rd Oct 2013
Richard Reynolds 6.jpgRebecca Wojturska78.29Kb3rd Oct 2013
Richard Reynolds 3.jpgRebecca Wojturska90.19Kb3rd Oct 2013
Richard Reynolds 4.jpgRebecca Wojturska70.17Kb3rd Oct 2013
RichardReynolds1.jpgRebecca Wojturska71.58Kb3rd Oct 2013
Reynolds poster 130924.pdfDavid Williams647.42Kb25th Sep 2013
White-Thompson Gill carving.jpgDavid Williams181.07Kb2nd Jul 2013
Looking at crocodile.jpgDavid Williams63.7Kb2nd Jul 2013
Gill monogram crocodile.jpgDavid Williams52.22Kb2nd Jul 2013
Gill missing ashtray.jpgDavid Williams2.19Mb2nd Jul 2013
Gill Crocodile at Mond Lab.jpgDavid Williams39.47Kb1st Jul 2013
Gill keepsake detail.jpgDavid Williams66.14Kb12th Jun 2013
Alexandra Pringle.jpgDavid Williams5.26Kb11th Apr 2013
Audience for Rupert.jpgDavid Williams84.54Kb10th Apr 2013
Rupert and Nerdy Professor #2.jpgDavid Williams322.31Kb10th Apr 2013
Rupert and 'academic spring' #2.jpgDavid Williams249.46Kb10th Apr 2013
Gatti poster #2 130222.pdfDavid Williams430.36Kb25th Feb 2013
Stephen Bourne-panda #2.jpgDavid Williams263.78Kb7th Dec 2012
Stephen Bourne audience #2.jpgDavid Williams286.28Kb7th Dec 2012
Stephen B audience Darwin #2.jpgDavid Williams324.29Kb7th Dec 2012
Publishing Cambridge screen grab.jpgDavid Williams98.55Kb7th Dec 2012
Bourne poster 121026.pdfDavid Williams340.28Kb9th Nov 2012
Stephen Bourne small.jpgDavid Williams117.26Kb9th Nov 2012
JG and Woodhead title 480 px.jpgDavid Williams182.54Kb15th Oct 2012
JG and Woodhead title 480 px.jpgDavid Williams284.95Kb15th Oct 2012
JG audience 640 px.jpgDavid Williams453.48Kb15th Oct 2012
JG and Nigel's intro 600 px.jpgDavid Williams77.16Kb15th Oct 2012
Jonathan Glasspool cropped small.jpgDavid Williams1.03Mb22nd Sep 2012
Glasspool poster 120918.pdfDavid Williams431.9Kb19th Sep 2012
MA students small 120919.jpgDavid Williams260.05Kb19th Sep 2012
Out There.jpgDavid Williams58.78Kb5th Jul 2012
Shine poster white 120525.pdfDavid Williams255.66Kb25th May 2012
Shine poster 120523.pdfDavid Williams259.79Kb24th May 2012
Bridget Shine.jpgDavid Williams46.57Kb24th May 2012
Barloafing after Rachel's talk 640 pi.jpgDavid Williams304.93Kb17th May 2012
Rachel Calder and audience 640 pi.jpgDavid Williams308.19Kb17th May 2012
Rachel Calder at meeting 400 pi.jpgDavid Williams163.05Kb17th May 2012
Calder poster 120511.pdfDavid Williams490.57Kb11th May 2012
1206_ARU_MA publishing_V4[1].pdfEmma Longden141.44Kb29th Apr 2012
Rachel Calder.doc.docxEmma Longden94.76Kb29th Apr 2012
Rachel Calder.doc.docxEmma Longden94.76Kb22nd Apr 2012
Kittler Gramophone Film Typewriter.jpegDavid Williams70.82Kb1st Mar 2012
Cathy Moore24.jpgDavid Williams75.2Kb21st Feb 2012
Moore poster 120220.pdfDavid Williams405.43Kb21st Feb 2012
Will Hill masterclass.jpgDavid Williams213.4Kb30th Jan 2012
Will Hill masterclass.pdfDavid Williams2.58Mb30th Jan 2012
Art of the Book.jpgDavid Williams39.75Kb19th Jan 2012
Wine tasting poster 111205.jpgDavid Williams333.6Kb5th Dec 2011
Wine tasting poster 111118.pdfDavid Williams299.45Kb5th Dec 2011
Chris Thompson.jpgDavid Williams422.18Kb25th Nov 2011
Chris Thompson.jpgDavid Williams139.02Kb25th Nov 2011
Chris Thompson.jpgDavid Williams186.29Kb25th Nov 2011
Heather Lane and Alan Payne.jpgDavid Williams274.1Kb25th Nov 2011
Graham Taylor.jpgDavid Williams214.89Kb25th Nov 2011
wine-tasting.jpgDavid Williams86.34Kb9th Nov 2011
e in a basket.jpgDavid Williams33.93Kb9th Nov 2011
Monetizing content poster 111108.pdfDavid Williams270.11Kb8th Nov 2011
CAMPUS forthcoming 111108.pdfDavid Williams294.89Kb8th Nov 2011
CAMPUS join us! poster 111108.pdfDavid Williams1008.67Kb8th Nov 2011
Sobia-Hamid.jpgDavid Williams33.97Kb7th Nov 2011
Sobia-Hamid.jpgDavid Williams33.97Kb7th Nov 2011
Sobia-Hamid.jpgDavid Williams33.97Kb7th Nov 2011
Thompson__Chris_detail.jpgDavid Williams81.46Kb7th Nov 2011
Graham Taylor 2011 #2.jpgDavid Williams511.49Kb4th Nov 2011
A_Pringle #2.jpgDavid Williams64.7Kb24th Oct 2011
Julie_Young.jpgDavid Williams19.41Kb16th Oct 2011
Juliet blog-image2.jpgDavid Williams74.89Kb16th Oct 2011
Leitch poster dark blue 110921.pdfDavid Williams734.36Kb27th Sep 2011
Leitch poster white 110923.pdfDavid Williams733.37Kb27th Sep 2011
Leitch poster dark blue 110921.pdfDavid Williams734.36Kb27th Sep 2011
iain stevenson.jpgDavid Williams36.41Kb23rd Sep 2011
British Publishing in the 20th Century.jpgDavid Williams102.35Kb23rd Sep 2011
David McKitterick.jpgDavid Williams68.4Kb23rd Sep 2011
CAMPUS on Arts #2.jpegDavid Williams96.87Kb18th Aug 2011
Rounders party 110818.pdfDavid Williams1.96Mb18th Aug 2011
Hondius cropped.jpgDavid Williams284.46Kb24th Jun 2011
Dead Sea cropped.jpgDavid Williams202.28Kb24th Jun 2011
publishing_studentship.pdfDavid Williams17.84Kb21st Jun 2011
CODE_PhD-2.pdfDavid Williams52.4Kb21st Jun 2011

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